As the largest apostolic church in Arizona, Bishop Gregory W. Newman and Elect Lady Cynthia Newman 

are the founders of EL BETHEL Church in the City of Phoenix; where they have committed their lives to

helping people grasp the biblical concepts of living a victorious and stress-free life.


Since the summer of 1981 on the west side of the Greater Phoenix area, Bishop Gregory and

Elect Lady Cynthia have pastored some 39 years with very humble beginnings.


Being the visionaries that they are, Bishop and Elect Lady he went from a rented school auditorium 

to a shared church building, to erecting three buildings which EL BETHEL now sits on; with its stately 

pillars, majestic colors, and state of the art audio, video, and television recording equipment.


The vision continues as the live-streamed bible studies are shared by churches in different cities and

the services reach the masses creating a global church community.


Bishop Gregory and Lady Cynthia were united in marriage on June 9, 1973, and have been blessed

and highly favored with three beautiful children: Nicole, Gregory II, and Isaac who are all an

integral part of the ministry and three adorable grandchildren Ariana Elizabeth, Nicholas Colvi

and Noelle Liv. 


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Your gifts and talents can make an amazing difference in the life of the church.  God uses willing-hearted volunteers to make a huge difference in the lives of so many people every year.

Whatever the task great or small, there's something to get involved in. 


Invite someone to church.  

Take the opportunity to share more about your church: why you love it, how God's used it in your life. 

Pray for guidance. Extend an invitation. Accept the person's answer and continue to evangelize. 

  • OnSet Arrival Greeter (Adults, teens & children 7-11)

  • Sanctuierge (Concierge)

  • Social Media Team

  • Floor Adjutants (Ushers)

  • Health/Disability Services

  • EL BETHEL Outreach

  • Prayer Partners

  • Media Production 

  • Christian Education 

  • Music Ministry

  • Dance Ministry 

  • Drama Theatre

  • Sign Language

  • Weddings/Funeral Team

  • Facilities Services

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Executive Assistants 


What are service times?
Doors open one hour prior to

the start of service.
Sunday Bible Study - 9:30 a m.

Global Children's Class - 9:30 a.m.

located in the Fellowship Center

11:00 a.m. Morning Worship


Christenings - Dedications - Baptisms
Christenings & Dedications - 2nd  Sundays

Email Concierge for ceremony date. 

Baptisms - Every Sundays

Email Prayer Partner for ceremony date

How do I become a Member?
Tell a concierge or prayer partner you want to be a member.  

Receive a member ceremony date.  

A prayer parnterwill assist you the day of your ceremony.  

Complete the 3 weeknew members class.  

Who do I contact for name or address change?
Contact the church office by phone (623) 845-0310 

or email at administration@elbethelaz.org 

Does ELBETHEL have a

children& youth ministry?
Yes, Children's Global class (ages 4-12)

with teen assistants.  

Our youth ministry is a summer group that meets every Wednesday at 7:00p.m.during the months of


How can I find out more about the different ministries offered at 

EL BETHEL? How do I become involved?
Request a volunteer handbook by

emailing the church office administration@elbethelaz.org

Is there a singles ministry?
Yes, this group has special seminars throughout the year.


Does EL BETHEL have an outreach ministry?

Yes, our witness outreach headed by 

Elder Robert Sanders and 

Seed of Hope Outreach providing families

with food and clothing throughout the year. 

Does the Church offer marital/premarital counseling and wedding rentals?
We offer marital and premarital counseling to members only.  

The church is open to the public for wedding rentals. 

Call or email the church and one of our wedding coordinators 

will contact you.

(623) 845-0310 


Who do I contact in case of a death?
Please contact the office at (623) 845-0310 

or email at administration@elbethelaz.org  

In case I go to the hospital, who do I contact?
Please contact the office at

(623) 845-0310 to arrange 

a visit by one of our prayer partners.


Can I arrange a funeral to be held at


Yes, please call or email the church and one of our funeral coordinators will contact you. (623) 845-0310